Palis Nideri & Schnürliweg – Sunday’s Combo

After not having done anything meaningful for two weeks my body and mind was asking for something, something which makes the difference between a weekend to forget and something worth remembering.  As the weather hasn’t recovered from the “let’s do some occasional rain” mode I ruled out camping. Actually I considered camping as an option […]

Cima dell’Uomo – The big search

What started as a nothing-special-to-mention weekend turned out to be rather exiting, exiting both in terms of what happened and challenges to overcome them …   As the weather was once again uncertain in the northern part of Switzerland and I definitely wanted to do a real world test with my new camping grill I […]

Arni Weekend

This weekend I went to my hut in Arni. Initially I just wanted to do an easy hike to the “Sunny Ridge” but since my friend showed big interest in doing something more we switched to the iconic Ruchälplistock hike. This was the 4th time this year I was going up there. Yeah, i like […]

Pizzo Leone – Ticcino to the rescue

Sometimes things go as planed. Sometimes the plan doesn’t work out. And sometimes there is not even a plan and something spontaneous happens. I would say that my the last weekend had something of all those components but nevertheless or maybe even because of that turned out to be very pleasant! First of all there […]

Via Alta della Val Carassino – Going South

Yeah, “Going South” was the key to success this weekend. The weather forecast for the north was kind of undecided with rain and other obstacles, so south was the direction. As I don’t have a good hiking guide for Ticcino it was rather difficult to pick something adequate. The “Via Alta della Verzasca” was ruled […]

1. August – How not to be lazy

I had plans! Good plans. Solid and proven plans for 1. August, the national holiday: Take it easy and get ready for the party in the evening.   Eventually I figured out that doing an e-a-s-y walk up to Pilatus would be exactly the right thing to do during the day and would allow me to […]

Höch Turm – Hiking on the edge

As the weather was getting better and better I decided on Friday to go for a two day’s hike on the weekend. The idea of it was to get into a good position on Friday, stay there for the night and then go early for the summit of “Höch Turm” which can be translated as […]

Mürtschenstock Ruchen – Nobody is perfect

On Friday I wasn’t in the right mood to do some planning for a weekend activity so I decided to just hang around and not do anything meaningful. That do-nothing plan still looked perfectly doable on Saturday morning when I got up. Ok, i didn’t intend to do nothing, just nothing outside and nothing worth […]

Mäntliser – The king of Leutschach Valley

As the weather forecast was kind of mixed for the weekend I decided to have an easy and relaxing weekend in my hut in Arni. Easy and relaxing? Sure! No crazy 10+h walks in steep terrain. When I made the decision I still had something in my mind which some would consider as crazy. But […]

Via Nicola Balestra – Where the sun shines

Yes, this is absolutely true: WHERE THE SUN SHINES … My reddish legs can confirm that an a substantial overexposure to sunlight happened … damn … But let’s start from the beginning. As I was helping a fried of mine to move his household to a new flat on Saturday and to my surprise survived […]

Schiberg – Vertical Limit

As it was going to be the last day of the week with nice weather I called it a day very early and headed to the Wägitaler Lake. Wägitaler Lake? Yeah, nobody will know. It is a small lake and is reachable from Zurich by car in 45 minutes. It is surrounded by mountains of […]

Ruchen – One sunrise and 3 mountains

This weekend I was going to my hut in Arni in order to dodge any potential heat wave in Zurich and of course to also relax. I also wanted to do some hiking. Since the heat in the last days has removed quite some snow in the mountains anything should be possible by now. So […]

Alter Tomlisweg & Esel

After my pretty long hike on the weekend my sport watch was telling me to take it easy for 37h. 37 hours? Seriously? I didn’t know that I am in such a bad shape. Ok, I have to admit that on Sunday my legs were rather tired. But regardless of my shape the recovery time […]

Brienzergrat Marathon

Der Wetterbericht fürs Wochenende war vielversprechend. Blauer Himmel, ohne dass es aber zu heiß werde sollte, der Bise sei dankt! Der erste Gedanke war an etwas technisches, am oberen Ende der Schwierigkeitsskale. Nur hatte ich meinen Helm in der Hütte im Arni und das “Notseil”, das ich in solchen Situationen jeweils mitnehme, war natürlich auch […]

Bauenstöcke & Schwalmis

Geplant war die Tour schon lange, nun konnte sie endlich umgesetzt werden, die Tour über den Niderbauen Chulm zum Schwalmis. Ich war vor ein paar Jahren schon auf dem Oberbauenstock, musste dann aber aufgrund von Wassermangel die Tour zum Schwalmis auf halben Weg abbrechen. Denn wenn man auf einem Grad geht, trifft man naturbedingt auf […]


Was macht man wenn es am Sonntag morgens regnet? Gar nichts? Falsch! Man überlegt sich, was man am Sonntag Nachmittag machen könnte. Also war ich auf der Suche nach einer leichten Tour, quasi als aktive Erholung von gestern. Da ich wegen des Schnees immer noch unter 2000 Meter bleiben wollte, fiel Wahl schlussendlich auf den […]

Mythentrilogie 2017 – Part II

Eigentlich wäre das mit den  Bergen um den Mythen für dieses Jahr schon abgehakt. Eigentlich. Wäre da nicht dieses Projekt einer mehrtägigen Wanderung im Tessin, das wir uns dieses Jahr vorgenommen haben. Und was wäre besser geeignet als Trainingsgelände als die drei Mythen-Berge: Kurze Anfahrt von Zürich, nicht allzu viel Vorgeplänkel, bis es zu Sache […]

Pilatus & der Esel

Vor zwei Jahren hatte ich mich bereits einmal auf den Pilatus gemüht. Damals war es mehr eine Ausdauerübung als eine technische Herausforderung. Und damals hatte ich irgendwo im Wald meine schöne Sport-Sonnenbrille versenkt… deshalb beschloss ich heute, meine Sonnenbrille gleich besser zuhause zu lassen und statt der Ausdauerübung etwas Technisches zu machen. Einfach so aus […]