Arriving in Madagascar – Day 4

Packed and ready to go for Madagascar!   So we already had to say goodbye again to King Mswati III, his 14 wives and Queen mother Ntombi. Today we were flying for close to 4 hours over water. So we got some instructions of how to operate the life raft in case of emergency and […]

The way to King Mswati III – Day 3

The day started with an emergency repair attempt. The “mobile phone holder” of our pilot Gorge was not reliable holding anymore on his belt. And loosing it was not an option as without this phone our journey would be in real danger. We would be basically grounded. So a group of really talented people started […]

From Mekothlong to Semonkong – Day 2

Any doubt that it might be cold in our houses during the night had been completely unjustified. The fire in the evening heated up the interior to a perfect level and every bed had something like 10 blankets. I only used 3 of them and it was perfectly warm. We slept much better than in […]

A long way to Sani Pass – Day 1

Today we started our journey towards Madagascar. No more theoretical talks. Practical execution was the game. And we had quite a distance to cover in the air as our first stop, an airstrip Heimville on the South African border of the Sani Pass was more than 1200km away which would translate to approximately 4 hours […]

Madagascar – Preparations

All set, ready to go! N208PC still in Namibia but will arrive tomorrow in FACT. I am flying today from ZRH to MUC with LH2371 and then to CPT with LH574. All flight permission for Madagascar received. So we are good to go! What is all this gibberish talk? Well, the translation is rather simple: […]

Weekend in Engadin – from above

The weather was perfect, the temperatures as well. So nothing to worry about? Well, yes and no. I was using the prefect scenery to play around with my little new toy as I would like to take it with me on my upcoming holidays in Africa. Have a look what came out of it. 

Corn da Mürasciola – Vice Versa

This night I had booked the best chairs for the evening show! Unbelievable! Lot of space for your feet, no person in front of you which keeps sliding from left to right and blocks the view to the screen and of course no smelly air from the pop corn! Did I mention that I had […]

Piz de la Margna – More colors!

This weekend was one of the rare occasions when the weather was flawless for a couple of days. And the temperatures were more than acceptable. Initially I had two different ideas but soon decided to go do Engadin to see the larch woods in their yellowish autumn colors. I didn’t do any specific planning of […]

Speer – the Colours of Autumn

Regardless of how you turn it around, autumn is coming and together with it the fantastic colours which makes it my favourite season of the year. The problem this weekend was that the weather forecast was pretty inconsistent. So I didn’t have any specific plans for the weekend. But as I was doing random things […]

Niderbauen Chulm – Sunset on the Top

Why miss a nice sunset if there is an opportunity? Initially I had different plans. But when I was approaching the mountains by car I could see that the recently fallen snow had not been melted by the sun and was still present above 2000m. At this time of the year this is usually coupled […]

Palis Nideri & Schnürliweg – Sunday’s Combo

After not having done anything meaningful for two weeks my body and mind was asking for something, something which makes the difference between a weekend to forget and something worth remembering.  As the weather hasn’t recovered from the “let’s do some occasional rain” mode I ruled out camping. Actually I considered camping as an option […]

Cima dell’Uomo – The big search

What started as a nothing-special-to-mention weekend turned out to be rather exiting, exiting both in terms of what happened and challenges to overcome them …   As the weather was once again uncertain in the northern part of Switzerland and I definitely wanted to do a real world test with my new camping grill I […]

Arni Weekend

This weekend I went to my hut in Arni. Initially I just wanted to do an easy hike to the “Sunny Ridge” but since my friend showed big interest in doing something more we switched to the iconic Ruchälplistock hike. This was the 4th time this year I was going up there. Yeah, i like […]

Pizzo Leone – Ticcino to the rescue

Sometimes things go as planed. Sometimes the plan doesn’t work out. And sometimes there is not even a plan and something spontaneous happens. I would say that my the last weekend had something of all those components but nevertheless or maybe even because of that turned out to be very pleasant! First of all there […]

Via Alta della Val Carassino – Going South

Yeah, “Going South” was the key to success this weekend. The weather forecast for the north was kind of undecided with rain and other obstacles, so south was the direction. As I don’t have a good hiking guide for Ticcino it was rather difficult to pick something adequate. The “Via Alta della Verzasca” was ruled […]

1. August – How not to be lazy

I had plans! Good plans. Solid and proven plans for 1. August, the national holiday: Take it easy and get ready for the party in the evening.   Eventually I figured out that doing an e-a-s-y walk up to Pilatus would be exactly the right thing to do during the day and would allow me to […]

Höch Turm – Hiking on the edge

As the weather was getting better and better I decided on Friday to go for a two day’s hike on the weekend. The idea of it was to get into a good position on Friday, stay there for the night and then go early for the summit of “Höch Turm” which can be translated as […]

Mürtschenstock Ruchen – Nobody is perfect

On Friday I wasn’t in the right mood to do some planning for a weekend activity so I decided to just hang around and not do anything meaningful. That do-nothing plan still looked perfectly doable on Saturday morning when I got up. Ok, i didn’t intend to do nothing, just nothing outside and nothing worth […]