Uganda 2018

Uganda part VI – Lots of green stuff and some lakes

During the remaining days of our journey we wanted to explore the very south of Uganda. One of the reasons to go there was that Georg wanted to check the possibility to do Gorilla trekking in the “Bwindi Impenetrable National Park” instead of Rwanda which is just an hour’s drive away. Rwanda had recently increased […]

Uganda part V – Going South

Maybe “Going South” is not an appropriate title for this part, maybe “Chimpanzee trekking” would be more appropriate which would completely ignore that fact that we were also trying to find the “tree climbing” lions … Let’s just see how it goes. After Murchison Falls we decided to continue to the south of Uganda into […]

Uganda part IV – Murchison Falls

Our next destination was Murchison Falls where all the water of the river Nile has to go through a narrow gorge of just a few meters. On the map it looked pretty far away and when talking to some other travellers they said that it took them two days to cover the distance. And it […]

Uganda part III – Kidepo Valley National Park

  So we managed to get there, the Kidepo Valley National Park which is the most remote park in Uganda. You are sure to be off the beaten track here if something like that even exists anywhere in Uganda. And it is also very beautiful as Kidepo Valley was voted Africa’s third-best wilderness park in […]

Uganda part II – Up to the North

Yesterday we arrived in the Nile River Camp ( after sunset when it was already dark. So with the first light it was exploration time. The camp is obviously located in a very nice spot above the river Nile. The tents were slightly away from the main building somewhere in the jungle. From above you […]

Uganda part I – An idea and its execution

I have talked a lot about having a plan here and there. And if that plan didn’t work out for some reason there was always plan B and sometimes even C. Sounds all totally fine and how you should approach things. Really? Yeah, sure. But every rule has its exceptions. This blog is about this […]